Is Your Team Overloaded? Tips to Maximize Resources

Blog MaximizingResources 750x685When the number of multi-site development programs increases and the project scopes are expanded, development teams are challenged to figure out how they will complete their projects on time, especially when many have rolled into this year.

Here are a few ways to maximize your available resources:

Expand Your Team – Sevan can help!

When teams are stretched, it can be daunting to determine how to meet the company’s program development goals. Sevan’s experienced nationwide project management experts are ready to support your development programs and help with all types of projects. Whether to bridge the gap in the short term or for long term program management, you can leverage our team’s decades of experience to slingshot your programs forward and plan for the future. Sevan’s project fees can be charged to capital budgets so they don’t hit G&A. Contact Sevan for more info on working together.

Utilize Technology & Software

Companies that make the most of technology will be able to continue working efficiently and scale when resources are low. Due to reduced resources and travel restrictions, several of Sevan’s clients have been unable to be on-site in person. Thanks to technology and our geographically dispersed team, Sevan has conducted local site surveys, remote site walk-throughs, 360° Virtual Tours, and drone surveys to give our clients intel on the assets at various locations around the country.

Additionally, as a Platinum Smartsheet partner, we leverage the software for project management and real-time collaboration. Both internal and external teams can have insight into a project timeline, status, and key deliverables, maximizing efficiencies and communication.

Prioritize Projects & Sites

You may realize you will not be able to accomplish your development goals for next year without some help. If this is the case, the most important thing you can do is clearly define the scope and prioritize your most important programs and sites. Conducting site surveys and condition assessments can provide insights into the sites that need the most attention or ones that may be quicker wins. By focusing on your most important strategic goals, you ensure that you make the biggest impact with the resources available.

Contact Sevan for support in any phase of your program including project planning, site surveys and assessments, budgeting, prioritization, and deployment. Sevan is flexible, agile, and has the available resources to supplement your team. Our coast-to-coast Sevan team allows us to provide local knowledge and presence to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs—today, this year, next year, and always.

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