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Since 2011, Sevan has surveyed over 700 million square feet for clients across a wide range of market sectors. In doing this, we identified a gap in the marketplace for survey technology and took the opportunity to leverage our expertise to create in-house technology that produces customized data-rich surveys. Every client is unique and has different needs, so our goal is to create a solution that fits each client’s specifications and goals.

One of the surveys Sevan has developed is our Asset Conditions Survey to document the existing conditions of spaces and their assets. The Asset Conditions Survey captures data on the following:

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Sevan’s conditions assessments have a grading scale of 5 (like new) to 1 (several replacements needed). This grading scale is used across multiple aspects of the facility and all details of the interior and exterior assets.

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After the asset data is gathered and assessed, the findings are organized and compiled in an easy-to-read dashboard report with accompanying images and definitions.

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The Sevan team works with the client to develop an evaluation process and create consistent terminology and examples. This collaborative effort ensures the results best fits the client’s needs. The recommendations Sevan provides help guide the client in deciding which assets to repair or replace. It is recommended for multi-site companies to complete a conditions assessment every 5-7 years to proactively monitor facilities and manage preventative maintenance. Staying up to date on asset conditions provides the information needed to make accurate decisions regarding facilities.

The difficulty with an asset conditions survey is that the evaluations can be subjective based on the surveyor. To eliminate this, Sevan has an internal quality control processes to validate the report findings.

Sevan’s client-focused approach helps assess, analyze, visualize and optimize their site portfolios, building spaces, and assets. Our integrated survey collection and data analytics platform helps customers improve capital planning, streamline construction, and simplify real estate facility management with rapid, flexible data collection including AI and machine learning, all presented in easy to access customized dashboards and reports.

See how Sevan aided one of the largest retailers in the U.S. in surveying the conditions of over 1,100 stores.

To discover how Sevan can transform your asset management programs, contact us today.

Example Condition Assessments

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