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MFG EV Stations

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4 EV station remodels
2 Standalone EV stations
10-12 Week installation timeline



Motor Fuel Group (MFG) operates over 900 sites across the U.K. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and as a result, MFG is adding EV chargers to some of their sites. Adding EV charging requires updates to their power grid. Supplying the power from the grid to the EV stations requires careful inspection and building around other utility service lines including gas, water and fiber optic cables.


Sevan and Wyeth provided reality capture, design and project management services to help MFG install EV charging stations at their sites. The Reality Capture & BIM Services teams provided feasibility reports which allowed the design team to draft 3D models and site concept designs for each property. Once MFG approved the designs, project managers bid and sourced contractors and worked with them to manage the construction from start to closeout.


To date, Sevan and Wyeth have completed four EV station remodel projects and two standalone EV stations for MFG. The average timeline for installation ranges from 10 to 12 weeks, depending on the needs of each site. Twelve more MFG sites are adding EV stations and are utilizing Sevan and Wyeth to manage the projects