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7 Eleven 1

25-Site remodel program
Process documentation for more efficient remodels



7-Eleven needed to remodel 25 convenience stores to incorporate food equipment into the design of those sites. They needed a partner who could manage the program lifecycle and focus on inventory reconciliation, contractor sourcing and utility infrastructure changes.


Sevan worked closely with 7-Eleven to understand exactly what they needed to create accurate site plans and layouts to seamlessly go through the permitting and approval process. During construction, we managed each contractor to ensure everything was built to 7-Eleven’s specifications. When change orders came up, we utilized Smartsheet’s automation capabilities to notify 7-Eleven decision-makers of the updates automatically, significantly shortening the review and approval process.


Sevan completed everything on time and on budget. We also documented our processes to provide 7-Eleven with a better understanding of how to execute future remodel programs. Sevan is currently in the early stages of completing 70 more remodels for 7-Eleven.