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7 Eleven 1

21-Site rebrand program
100% of sites completed on time
30% Increase in sales



7-Eleven acquired several convenience sites and needed to do a rebrand and minor refresh to update each location to fit their branding. They had 2-3 months to order equipment and reconcile inventory, and each site needed to be completed in a 12–24-hour time period.


Sevan ordered all the equipment and managed the delivery and reconciliation process. If any damage or inventory discrepancy was identified, we worked directly with the vendor to remedy the issue and avoid construction delays. Through communication and project sequencing, we efficiently managed up to ten vendors at a time to complete each remodel. We used our CAPTURE app to document all new and old assets along with construction progress and punchlist items to provide start-to-finish documentation.


Sevan completed 21 sites over a one-month period. All of the jobs were completed on schedule and 7-Eleven realized a 30% increase in sales volume.